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Monday, 31 December 2012

"The Most Viewed ASL Song On YouTube" Keith Wann & Wink


Click here to watch the video:

Too AseL Purformers spoofed a paredy in just to encurage all too lern.

Visit Keith Wann's Youtube Site for more videos:

Twas The Night Before Christmas ABC Story In ASL

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Finger Spelling "Faith, Hope & Love"

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Flying Hands Adoption
We are the Penland family and we are so excited to bring home Rosalee and Trey from China.   Rosalee is 3 years old and Trey is 1 year old.  Both were born deaf.  Big brother Eli can’t wait to start signing with his brother and sister! 

Words cannot express how much your support and prayers mean to us as we take this journey God has called us on.  By purchasing a “Show Hope” shirt, you will also support Show Hope, an organization that ministers to orphans around the globe.

Every shirt counts! Thank you! 

FREE Set Of 40 Sign Language Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Words

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Click here for the FREE set:

This is a set of cards with all 40 Pre-Primer Dolch sight words. Each sight word has pictures of ASL alphabet letters for finger-spelling practice.

OnStar Vehicle Service Using TTY

If you're deaf or hard of hearing, you can still have OnStar in your vehicle. I have it in mine :) Learn more about TTY onstarconnections.com | #TTY #deaf #onstar

Click here to watch the video:

Learn more about the TTY service from OnStar.

If you're deaf or hard of hearing, you can still have OnStar in your vehicle. Learn more about TTY onstarconnections... | #TTY #deaf #onstar

SUN Hands

Sun by historyanorak, via Flickr


Harold Martin Botanic Garden, Leicester. Sculpture in the garden
Guy Portelli
Bronze and mosaic
This photo does not do it justice! Look at it big and you get a vague idea of the reality. In the Anorak's humble opinion the joint best sculpture in the show!

Cochlear Hearing Aid Without The Implant

53624gtp1 SoundBite, a Bone Conduction Hearing Hearing Aid Without The Implant


Cleveland Clinic has released its annual Top 10 Medical Innovations, a list that answers the question: “What game-changing medical technology, device, or therapy do you see breaking through in 2010?” At the top of the list is SoundBite, a bone conduction hearing system from Sonitus Medical, a firm out of San Mateo, California, that may bring some serious competition to the bone conduction hearing aid market, specifically for people suffering for a single sided deafness. Currently awaiting FDA approval, the system uses teeth as a sound conducting medium, instead of a cranium where cochlear aids are being typically implanted nowadays. Being much less conspicuous, the system should be a popular choice if it gets regulatory approval.
Merging the well-known principles of bone conduction together with advanced wireless and sound processing technology, SoundBite is the world’s first non-surgical and removable bone conduction hearing system, which is designed to transmit sound via the teeth. The SoundBite hearing system consists of both a behind the ear device, housing the receiver, wireless transmitter, and attached microphone, and a discreet, removable, custom-fit retainer-like device. An inductive charger unit is provided to charge the behind the ear device and retainer.

SoundBite is designed to detect sounds using a small microphone placed within the open ear canal of the impaired ear. The nearly invisible, thin tube microphone is attached to the transmitter unit worn behind the ear. This microphone placement in the pinna or outer ear is intended to allow the SoundBite hearing system to capitalize on the natural acoustic ability of the outer ear to capture and direct sound into the open ear. SoundBite system hearing is intended to provide clear, high fidelity sound and is designed to restore normal hearing to patients.

From the microphone, SoundBite hearing system will receive sound in the transmitter unit worn behind the ear. This nearly invisible, digital audio device wirelessly transmits sound to the removable dental retainer-like device, which is custom fitted by a partner dentist for optimal comfort and function. The retainer uses advanced technology and specialized electronics to produce imperceptible vibrations that are conducted via the teeth and bones, to the both cochleae. No surgery is required.

53624gtp2 SoundBite, a Bone Conduction Hearing Hearing Aid Without The Implant

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Saturday, 29 December 2012

ASL Tales

Visit this site for more:

While hearing children and adults are being exposed to ASL in ever increasing numbers, an ever decreasing number of Deaf children are given that opportunity.

Though ASL Tales intends to make a difference by giving all Deaf children access to these books, we know that a great effort is required to ensure that ASL continues to thrive. We encourage you to explore the links of these organizations and contribute with your time and/or dollars to their work.


Princess Diana

Princess Diana Visits Nottinghamshire Society For the Deaf, May 1990.

Princess Diana Visits Nottinghamshire Society For the Deaf, May 1990.

LOVE Finger Silhouette Necklace

Chuck Baird Portraits


Click here to see more art:

Cardboard ILY Sign

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ILY Knit (Glove)

ILY knit

ASL Nook Apps (Barnes & Noble)

ILY Christmas Tree

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Vintage ASL Wallpaper

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Single Sided Deafness (Deaf In 1 Ear)

Living with a Hearing Disability: Single-Sided Deafness (SSD)

Click here to read the whole article:

Single-sided deafness is more common than people think. As an invisible disability, it is often misunderstood or overlooked.

Single sided deafness (or SSD as I will refer to it from now on) comes in varying levels, from partial to complete hearing loss in one ear. This article is about my personal experiences with SSD, how I deal with it, and tips and advice for anyone with, or close to someone with SSD.

Deaf Me Movie


A documentary about a deaf man who inspires others with his hope and tenacity in spite of discrimination, violence and cruelty.

The End, Irish Deaf Short Film



Recently there has been a lot of discussion going on in the UK over a mockumentary (fake documentary) which sees Deaf people being wiped out. The film follows 4 Deaf children from a very young age until they are about 70 years old.
Starting in the 1980′s, drama ‘The End’ follows 4 Deaf children over 60 years. After the introduction of a treatment aimed at eradicating deafness, the very survival of Deaf language and culture is at stake. Featuring stunning visual effects and an ensemble cast, ‘The End’ is a thought-provoking alternative vision of the future.
Writer/Director Ted Evans
Ted has spent several years honing his skills in both independent film projects and also working at organisations such as the BBC. The End is his second short film funded by the BSLBT.
To watch the film, click on the link below and it will bring you to the BSLBT website.
Don’t forget to comment here when you are finish to share your views.
BSLBT Website
The End Facebook Page

Gallaudet ABC & ILY Giftware Store

This Is D-Pan


The D-PAN Mission:

D-PAN is dedicated to promoting professional development and access to the entertainment, visual and media arts fields for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.
At D-PAN, everything we do begins by asking one fundamental question – given our strengths as an organization – How can we make the greatest positive impact on people’s lives?
We believe that our current initiatives – as well as those we will be launching in the near future – will be beneficial to the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing communities alike. So please take a look at what D-PAN has to offer by referring to the links at the top of the page … and check back often because as our support grows, so will our programs.

DeafMovies.org: a List of Films in ASL & other Sign Languages


From 2005-2012 I've slowly compiled a list of all the feature-length ASL films I can find,
along with a selection of short films, Deaf film festivals, and films in other Deaf sign languages.
Please enjoy, and send me comments, additions, or corrections anytime.
(deafmovies (@) johnlubotsky (.) com)

Dale ILY

Dale signing I Love You

Welcome Sign

Different = Me

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Finger Spell Mickey

American Sign Language (ASL) and Mickey Print

ILY Mom (Personalize It)

ILY Shoes

"Deaf" Cross-Stitch

Deaf New Zealand


About us

Deaf Aotearoa provides information and resources on life for D/deaf New Zealanders, Deaf culture and New Zealand Sign Language


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The Hands-On Workshop At The Deaf Cultural Center, KS


Three 20 minute sessions: a mini sign language class, American Sign Language, story telling, and a craft with a deaf theme.  This workshop costs $5 per participant with a $40 minimum.
The tour of the museum is free. This usually takes about an hour and includes a visit to an apartment in the museum that is equipped with devices used by the deaf to enable independent living and a 12 minute film which helps in understanding deafness.
In preparation, you could have the students practice fingerspelling their name. You can find examples of fingerspelling on line.

When scheduling, include your name, number of girls, and your email address.To schedule you can either call the Deaf Cultural Center or email our administrative assistant at deafcc.office@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Are you a teacher? Check out the Curriculum tab to see how our Hands-On fits with Kansas State Standards on education.

Thanks, and we look forward to having you visit the Deaf Cultural Center!

This workshop has been funded by the Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund Grant and Johnson County Board of Commissioners. Our thanks and appreciation to them for their support of this project!

Contact Us

455 E. Park Street
Olathe, KS 66061
913.782.5808 Voice
913.324.5348 Video Phone
email: deafcc@att.net

Death/f Comic

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Did You Know?

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Did you know that a large percentage of blue eyed cats with white fur actually are born deaf or go deaf?

Can You See Me Now?

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Click here to read the whole article:

For most deaf Americans, being deaf is not the inability to hear but rather the ability to perceive life in a different way from hearing people. For many, it’s a blessing.

Deaf Bull, or Good Eagle, Crow

Face Me!