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Sunday, 29 September 2013

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Cause Of Hearing Loss In Children

Healing Loss in Children

Children's Books About Hearing Loss

child with hearing aid

Teacher and Library Media Specialist
For a child with hearing problems, the ability to socialize and communicate is even more important, and children's books about hearing loss often help children accept and cope with this disability.
Children's Books About Hearing Loss: Reading Strategies
Parents and educators often turn to children's books about hearing loss because they serve as a means for reassuring and educating a child about his or her hearing disability. Numerous books available deal with this topic. While some of books deal with educational info, others focus on fictional characters who are also dealing with hearing loss.

Books for Children Ages 4 Through 8

The following children's picture books about hearing loss are suitable for children ages four to eight years old.
  • A Button in Her Ear by Ada Basseett Litchfield is a wonderful picture book featuring a young girl named Angela. The book tells the story of the discovery of her hearing disability and her adjustment to wearing a hearing aid.
  • Crocodile Meatloaf by Nancy Simpson Levene is a chapter book that chronicles the life of Rachel, a deaf girl who has recently entered the sixth grade.
  • Going with the Flow by Claire Blatchford is a story about Mark, whose embarrassment over his deafness and anger over changing schools brings about a new awareness of himself and adjustment to his new surroundings.
  • I Have a Sister, My Sister is Deaf by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson describes the life of a young girl and her younger deaf sister. The book is an excellent selection for siblings of deaf children.
  • I'm Deaf, and It's Okay by Lorraine Aseltine is a children's picture book about a young boy who acts out his feelings of disappointment and unhappiness over his deafness.

Books for Children Ages 9 Through 12

The following children's books on hearing loss are suitable for kids who are ages 9 through 12.
  • Buttons: The Dog Who Was More Than a Friend by Linda Yeatman is the story of a Buttons, a puppy that bonds with a deaf boy named Phillip and Phillip's family.
  • Can You Feel the Thunder by Lynn E. McElfresh relates the story of 13 year old Mic Parsons and his struggle to accept his conflicting feelings towards his deaf and blind sister.
  • Cheshire Moon by Nancy Butts is a chapter book that deals with the death of a hearing-impaired girl's best friend and the choices she makes in the aftermath of this tragedy.
  • Hue and Cry by Elizabeth Yates is set in an 1830s New Hampshire community. It's the story of a deaf girl named Melody and her budding friendship with a young Irish immigrant who has been labeled a thief.
  • Jessi's Secret Language by Ann M. Martin is one of the books from The Baby-Sitters Clubseries and chronicles the story of club member, Jessi, who begins to learn sign language as she baby-sits for a deaf boy and his hearing sister.
  • Muddy Four Paws by Jean Ure tells the story of how 11-year old Clara and her best friend rescue a dog that has something very special in common with her younger hearing-impaired brother, Benjy.
  • Nick's Mission is another book by Clair Blatchford. This mystery revolves around sixth grader, Nick, and his dog as they discover dangerous smugglers in their area.

Australian Deaf Short Film Festival, Jan. 25th, 2014

Submit your short film for the next Australian Deaf Short Film Festival.
More info at www.turquoiseaustralia.com

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Before You Judge Me...

Dirty Car Art

dirty car art

Created by scott wade

Deaf Society Of NSW's Centenary Afternoon Tea, Oct. 20th

The Deaf Society of NSW Centenary Afternoon Tea after the WFD Conference, if you are here, let yourself join us here on Sunday, 20 October 2013 to celebrate its 100th birthday with a Centenary Afternoon Tea at Sydney Town Hall.

Nothing But Myself...


iPhone As Mic For Bluetooth Hearing Aids

International Right To Know Day

International Right To Know Day
Did you know that tomorrow is the International Right To Know Day?

For more information watch the video and/or go to:

Length: 1:14

D-Pan DVD Premiere Party, Oct. 4th

Hey Chicago… show me how #DeafandLoud you can be! Share this flyer and let everyone know that we're coming to rock the Windy City on 10/4 as part of the D-PAN: Deaf Professional Arts Network DVD Release Tour and you could win a copy of my new album "Perfect Imperfection" + 2 Tickets to the show. Winner chosen at random. Here's how to enter…

1. Like this post
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Grab your copy of "Perfect Imperfection":

Recognition Of Irish Sign Language

How will recognition of Irish Sign Language help Ireland’s Deaf? DeafWire video.

How Can si5s Help ASL Students?

Their Prisoner...

International Week Of The Deaf (Canada)


SportsDeaf - 27 September 2013 Edition. http://ow.ly/pgY9b

Change Your Life...

"Cruising On Eyeth's Moon" by Paul Scearce

Keep Calm & Love ASL


Sign, "Watch Me!"


Theatre Blends Spoken & ASL

World Deaf Day, Sept. 27th 2013

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Deaf Mom Denied Service Via Drive-Thru

Karen Putz, Deaf Mom denied service in the drive thru and watch w
Deaf Culture

Karen Putz, Deaf Mom denied service in the drive thru and watch what they threatened to do...

In 2007, Karen Putz pulled into a drive thru to get a milkshake with her son. She thought it was going to be a simple visit to the restaurant - she was denied service and went home and blogged about it. She advocated about the issue for over a year and then never spoke about it for some reason.

After we heard about this incident, we got to know Karen and found her to be a very reasonable person who simply wanted basic service. We surveyed the deaf and hard of hearing community back in 2004 and found that this is a major issue for them and as a result Inclusion Solutions has worked hard to try and convince the restaurant industry to provide some basic accommodations. Our OrderAssist product cost less than $1000 installed and so we hope companies will begin to welcome this important market
Length: 2:53

Deaf NFL Player

A Sign A Day (ASL) & Deaf Life History 2014 Calendar


MSM Productions, Ltd. is excited to announce its 2014 calendars: A Sign A Day (ASL) and Deaf Life (History). Both are now being printed and assembled. Check out http://www.deafcalendar.com/

MSM Productions, Ltd. will donate portions of the proceeds to WTDP and YLCAF. And these make perfect gifts for just about everybody on your list: teachers, students, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers . . . and yourself!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Superhero Echo Is Deaf!

Deaf comic character Maya Lopez aka EchoView larger picture
As research for his character Echo, artist David Mack read the autobiographies of people who had grown up deaf


"However, over the last 20 years an increasing number of deaf characters have started to emerge within mainstream comics," said Dakin. "That's given rise to the emergence of Echo. She is a major deaf character in the Marvel canon."
Echo (aka Maya Lopez) is a superhero like no other. First appearing in Daredevil issue 9 in 1999, she is a rare deaf character with a complex emotional back story. Born deaf to a Cheyenne father and a Hispanic mother, she has the power to perfectly imitate anything she sees, including a rival's fighting style.
"The character was going to debut as an antagonist in the story, but also as a love interest for Daredevil," Echo's creator and artist David Mack told me by email. "With Daredevil being blind, and constantly piecing his world together via his other senses, I felt he would be able to relate to Maya (aka Echo) who was deaf and grew up visually piecing the information of her world together to make sense of the mysterious audible world that she was not a part of."

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ILY Tattoo

Seeking Countries' Sign Names

ASL Word Level Word Game

ASL Word Levels is a word game to help you learn American Sign Language Fingerspelling.

ASL Word Levels is the same as the classic Word Levels except it uses ASL signs rather than letters.

Each level you pick letters from a grid to form words. Letters used to make words will be preserved in the next level. Letters that are not used will be removed the next level.

The challenge is to pick high scoring words but preserve letters for the next level as well.

The game ends when all letters are removed from play.

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Blind Mind...

Through The Hands

ASLized! short films: the freedom expression of sign language usage