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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Japanese & Turkish Sign Language

Different Sign Language.
Japanese sign language and Turkish Sign Language (turkey)
Length: 6:25

ASL Tales Apps @ Gallaudet University

Don't miss it! Come to Gallaudet University Java Corner at noon on Friday and see the new ASL Tales app.

In These Bodies...

Know Your Worth!

Pink Progressives

Successful Deaf People!

Discriminating Against The Non-Deaf?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

You Have A Purpose!

Master ASL's Superhero Signs

We had a special request for signs of well-known superheroes. Do you see how some name signs are descriptive or iconic, while others are not? If you want to learn more about how name signs are formed, research descriptive versus arbitrary name signs. Have a great weekend!


Master ASL's Scary ASL Story

We have a scary Halloween treat for you this week, full of creepy crawlies, blood, flaming pumpkins, scary forests, and a headless horseman. Travis brings The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to life in this 10-minute long video. Sit back, turn off the lights, and enjoy!


Being Happy...

That Deaf Wizard

Japanese Sign Language and German Sign Language Video


Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Denzel Washington Look...

Harry R. Williams Would Have Been 65...

Happy 65th birthday to Harry R. Williams! This picture, "Coffin Door II," was one of the last paintings before his unfortunate passing in 1991. Where can the inspiration for this door be found? This picture as well as many other works from Deaf artists can be found in our book, "Deaf Artists in America." Find the book at our website, www.dawnsign.com.

ILU Wee Baby!

Teaching @[100006559055707:2048:Gaius] sign language by telling him we LOVE him! — with Paul Scearce and 41 others.

Offer Deaf Children Education In Sign Language!

Love Saves Lives!

D-Pan, Sun. Oct. 20th, In Boston

Tomorrow in Boston!! Tickets are still available, and you can also get them at the door. Come see the new videos, get down to good music, and hang out with the D-PAN crew!! See you there!

Employment/Research Position @ University Of Amsterdam

Dream of living in Holland? Apply for this employment/research position at the University of Amsterdam!! Check out more at- http://www.uva.nl/en/about-the-uva/working-at-the-uva/vacancies/content/2013/09/13-302_special-chair-%E2%80%98quality-of-life-in-particular-of-deaf-people%E2%80%99.html Pic source: www.tripsite.com

ILU Baby Squirrel

Amazing :).

Raising Confident Deaf...

Finger Art

Signs for a Good Education

2014 Deaf Nation Expo:

Deaf Nation Expo in 2014

March 15: Jacksonville, FL
March 22: Greensboro, NC
April 5: Kansas City, KS
April 12: Dallas, TX
April 26: Indianapolis, IN
May 3: Pomona, CA
Sept 27: Boston, MA
Oct 11: Pleasanton, CA
Oct 18: Seattle, WA
Oct 25: Denver, CO
Nov 1: Chicago, IL

Submissions For The "Sign Of The Year - 2013"

World Premiere Of "No Ordinary Hero"

So excited about our world premiere of No Ordinary Hero today at #HeartlandFF #Heartlandtmp with #Superdeafy - we were on the morning news Fox 59!

The Deaf Tribe Who Gave Me Pride!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Appreciation Not Just Destination...

Sometimes we get so caught up in the destination that we forget to appreciate the journey and the people who help us along the way. Always Be thankful for what we have where we are at.
More at @[199833440192167:274:Tom Ziglar]


Created by Deaf Revolutionist

Keep Deaf & Sign Language t-shirt

To order this t-Shirt visit: www.cafepress.com/deaf420

That Deaf Guy "Strong Deaf Hands"

Hello Friends,
Kay and I have been married for over 17 years and we believe one of the reasons we are happily married is because of our sense of humor. I can't help but tease Kay about the bad relationship she has developed with our can opener. Every time she has to use it... it acts crazy and doesn't do its job. However, it always seems to work fine for me. We have been contemplating the reason for this for years. Am I stronger, more talented with the can opener? Does the can opener like me better than her? The jokes never end. I know what you are thinking... why not just buy a new can opener? Well, what's the fun in that?
Enjoy, Matt and Kay
PS Want to buy a book? Well, that is just fantastic because we have a book for sale. It's called "That Deaf Guy: A Family Portrait. It is 120 pages of colorful laughter. Just click on the link below to order. www.thatdeafguy.com/store