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Friday, 28 February 2014

LOVE Artwork

Spreading ‪#‎love‬!

Made from Janna Dahl

Believe In Yourself...

Throughout the day, we'll feature the 7 principles that Kathy shares in her book, Simple Secrets.


That Deaf Guy: "Fast Signing"

Hello friends,
My wife talks really FAST. Or so I am told. She often has people say "What? Can you say that again"? I realized it is the same for signers. I too, have known people who really sign really FAST! It's just a part of their personality and I know that it is hard for them to SLOW DOWN. So for those people who "sorta" know ASL, trying to follow a conversation with a speedy signer is more than their brains can handle. Wouldn't it be fun if such a warning sign did flash over their heads?
Matt and Kay
PS Hey guess what? We have a CHAMP book for sale. It's called "That Deaf Guy: A Family Portrait" It is 120 pages of awesome deaf humor. Just click on the link to orderwww.thatdeafguy.com/store

Stand Out!

Stop trying to for in when you were born to stand out. there's a difference in this world that only you can make.
more at Tom Ziglar

Be Stronger...

When life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger. Our challenges are what mold us, refine us and make us into all we are intended to become.
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Winning Miss Deaf America 2010 = New Career Path

Be Confident!

Just focus on yourself and stop looking, focusing, noticing what other people are doing.

Deaf Lady Knocked Over By Buggy

Deaf Man Beaten & Tasered By California Police

Monday, 17 February 2014

Go Where You Are Celebrated!

Reason for celebration ~ YOU ♥♥♥ Rae


#serendipity #tolerance #celebration

4 Police Officers Beat & Tased A Deaf Man

Deaf Pride's photo.

Look Into Each Other's Hearts


Be Curious, Not Judgemental.

The best devotion is one to truth rather than being contentious about falsehood. Open-minded curiosity leads to progressives discovery of information never before available , which may therefore seem confrontational upon first exposure - Feb 17th

10 Things I Think To Myself With New Hearing Aids:

I'm Just Like You (Deaf School In Monrovia) Music Video

ILY Snow Sculpture

Who makes just a boring snowman? This is much better!!
Source: Jessica Haggard

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Very Best...

Flying Words Project

Folks in the Greater Rochester area, please join for the 30th Anniversary Performance of the Flying Words Project on February 22nd at 7:30pm. There's no doubt about it- this will a FANTASTIC show! Admission is free, but Peter Cook and Kenny Lerner, the duo behind Flying Words, are encouraging donations to DDW.

We are grateful to Flying Words and the NTID Performing Arts Department for their kindness and thoughtfulness- thank you for believing in DDW!

Children With Invisible Disabilities

The Forgotten Kids.
<3 Spectrum Superstars x

Deaf Man Sues Hawthorne Police

MMDI 2014 (Miss & Mr Deaf International)

Why Learn Another Language?

There are approximately one billion good reasons to study another language, but we gathered up some of our favorites on our new classroom poster: http://ow.ly/sQD13

Your Job Is To Lift The Fallen...

This is our job...

Miserable Vs Strong

The Best Brain Possible's photo.

The Deaf Community Is A Minority Group!

"The Deaf community is a minority group, yet there is a number of us who consider ourselves a part of another minority group."

A really thought provoking post from one of our awesome interns!

eDEAF: Employ & Empower


DEAF solutions for a hearing world

eDEAF has been empowering Deaf communities since 2007.
Our highly effective training courses and learner-ship programs have been widely received by Deaf people from all walks of life. In addition there have been a number of South African companies that have benefited through the various BBBEE incentives when employing a Deaf individual through eDEAF. Our passionate team comprises of 18 Deaf and 4 hearing employees.

It is a documented fact that Deaf employees are more effective in certain disciplines due to the fact that they are not easily distracted. Call us today on Tel: (011) 837 7432 to find out how your business can benefit from employing a Deaf person.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Noelle Pikus-Pace Signs "I Love You"

Noelle Pikus-Pace signs "I Love You" ‪#‎asl‬ ‪#‎deaf‬ ‪#‎sochi‬


"Getting hit by the bobsled, people look back and say, 'Oh, man, that's horrible, taking fourth in the Vancouver Olympics, people say, 'Ah, too bad, that stinks.' And then I had a miscarriage at 18 weeks and many tears were shed, but if I hadn't gone through every one of those things I would not be here today, and this is right where I want to be and to have my family is beyond words. I am beyond words." Congratulations to Noelle Pikus-Pace for winning Silver in skeleton, this is the attitude of a true Olympian!

A Child Is Like A Butterfly In The Wind...


Compliment People...

A Motivated Mama's photo.

That Deaf Guy "To Tap"

Here is another one that is helpful. When someone needs to get my attention, I don't mind them taping me on the shoulder, ever so lightly, that is acceptable in my culture. However, standing behind me and then suddenly grabbing my shoulder a la Star Trek Death Grip...is a whole other story. Do that...and you'll have to peel me off the ceiling. Live long and prosper.
Matt and Kay
PS Hey Trekkers! We have a book that goes where no other man has gone....It's called "That Deaf Guy: A Family Portrait". It's funnier than Kahn's bad hair. It's more adventurous than a trip on the Enterprise. Just click on the link belowwww.thatdeafguy.com/store

Sign Language To Be Taught At Mpuma Schools