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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Believe In Your Children...


This site celebrates the achievements of deaf people in history, and those who are still active in their careers. Each month, we’ll highlight a contemporary newsmaker. We also honor the achievements of hearing people whose commitment and...

"Fire & Ice" Robert Frost's Poem In ASL (Video)

Crom Saunders has a great interpretation of the Robert Frost poem "Fire and Ice" and it makes me wonder what you think will cause the end of the world- fire or ice?

For every text in English, there is an equivalent translation in American Sign Language, and vice versa. This is Robert Frost's "Fire and Ice" poem translate...

That Deaf Guy: "Widescreen Mode"

Hey friends,
Happy Tuesday! Hope your having a great holiday!
-Matt and Kay
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Monday, 29 December 2014

Accessibility (Video)

Wouldn't it be great if you never had to worry about something being accessible and it just naturally was captioned!?! By contacting companies and politicians, it lets them know that there are actual people that care enough to voice their opinion for accessibility.
Check out a short project I made for a class. I have a goal of turning this into a more appealing piece to help gain recognition in our push.

With Captions

Please WATCH and SHARE this PSA from Glide to YouTube asking for more accessibility on YouTube videos. This video features many deaf and hard of hearing talents such as Amber ZionDaniel N. DurantRikki PoynterJules Dameron Jason Listman and MORE!!! ‪#‎withcaptions‬ ‪#‎deafandloud‬

Youtube video are not accessible to everyone, adding closed captions to videos will make them accessible to millions of more people. Share this video on soci...

Deaf Community 2014 Reflections (Video)

As we close off 2014, Alana looks back at all the wonderful, positive, and compassionate growth we've experienced as a whole in the Deaf community. With dedication and passion, we can continue this...

The Deaf Culture: Michele Westfall On Being Deaf Since Birth

"I don’t hear a voice in my head when I think. When I think, I see ASL signs in my head. Sometimes I see images or words. In other words, my “voice” is visual, not sound-based."- Michele Westfall
Michele Westfall was born without hearing. So were her two sons. ITM talked to her about life, sounds and the Deaf culture.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Algeria Sign Language (Video)


Dame Evelyn Glennie (Video)

Dame Evelyn Glennie is a world-class virtuoso percussionist. She is the first musician to create and sustain the career of a solo percussionist, and she's profoundly deaf. Check out her amazing skills, collection of instruments and words of inspiration in the BBC Four film excerpt. We of course would love to have her on Drum Talk TV in the future.
See more of Evelyn at and you can see all our interview episodes and sign up for our newsletter with articles by today's biggest drummers at www.drumtalktv.com

Imagine A World (BSL Poem)

Imagine a world without speaking your language Your language is English To watch this poem in BSL, signed by Leah, click play below: Imagine you are very ill you go to...

Naming In American Sign Language (Video)

This lecture video was originally created for a course within the Masters in Sign Language Education graduate program for ASL teachers at Gallaudet Universit...

Backpack Turns Music Into Full-Body Experience For The Deaf

Subpac, a backpack filled with transducers that translates low frequencies into vibrations, is working with Queen Mary University in London to translate Union...

Saturday, 27 December 2014

2014 Deaf Culture Totally Had A Moment

Deaf Culture was certainly in the social mediasphere in 2014!
This past year was a very visible one for Deaf Culture and American Sign Language. From viral videos to late night TV appearances, mainstream audiences...

Signed Languages Can Do So Many Things Spoken Languages Can't

Sarah Klenbort: The Deaf community is no utopia, but it does offer an alternative language, culture and social life to those who choose to be a part of it

That Deaf Guy: "Silent Night"

Hello Friends! Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!
Here is a cartoon about those really slooooow Christmas songs that lull me to sleep year after year. I am sure they are very pretty. My wife is always brought to tears. But I can't help nodding off. Oh well, such is the deaf/hearing family. From all of us at TDG, we wish you a happy, safe & joyful holiday!
Enjoy! Matt and Kay

Growing Up With A Deaf Parent

Annarose Russo celebrates her Deaf father.

A Deaf Rabbi Breaks Down Barriers

Rabbi Yehoshua Soudakoff reaches out to the deaf community and instills pride.

Signoos Christmas Special (Video)

SIGNOOS - a special tv series with sign language in production by Catapult Animation Studios.

Laurent Clerc

Laurent Clerc: Apostle to the Deaf People of the New WorldThe Clerc Center is named in honor of Laurent Clerc. This is his story.

Deafness Is Not One Size Fits All

The pediatrician just informed you that your child is profoundly deaf. What is deafness like? How does...