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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Deaf Latino Experience

A presentation on the Latino Deaf Experience!
Join the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian Latino Center for an onstage conversation in American Sign Language (ASL) between former Gallaudet University president Dr. Robert Davila and master storyteller Manny Hernandez....

"The Wall" TIDF May 28th, 2015

"Die Mauer" "The Wall" from Germany. Opening night Film & Gala, Thursday evening, May 28th at the Royal Theater!
Mark Berry, film narrator and Mathias Schafer is coming to the Festival! Come and meet them! smile emoticon (English Subtitles will be added soon) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ2Bsmh8VuU
yomma presents a Mark Berry & Benedikt J. Feldmann film "The Wall". In the film 7 people share their experiences about the Berlin Wall. The main language in ...

The Catalysts: Deaf Women United

31 of 31: The Catalysts - Andrea Deranian, Andrea Reeder, Barbara Bernstein, Barbara Goettsch, Barbara Goldman, Betty G. Miller, Carla Anderson, Carol Trachenberg-Pop, Chris Buchholz, Christine Fahrenbruch, Coleen Ashly, Dolores Goldman, Dorothy Trickey, Eddie Lee Bachus, Eve Charm, Frances Cutter, Heidi Booth, Iris Leon, Janice Chisholm, Julianna Fjeld, Linda Bove, Lisa J. Berke, Lu Ellen McComb, Marcella M. Meyer, Marge Klugman, Marie Lubman, Mary Diffenbaugh, Mary Jane (Morris) Williams, Monica Ritter, Nina Treiman, Rachel Ruwet, Rachelle Freidman, Roxanne Baker, Ruth La Monto, Sheri Farinha, Susie McMenis, Vilma Ridler. ‪#‎DWHM2015‬ ‪#‎deafwomenhistorymonth‬
Deaf Women United became an official organization after a successful national Deaf Women's conference in 1985 in Santa Monica, CA! It was at this very confer...

Signs Restaurant Summer Drinks (Video)

We've got some exciting things coming your way this summer...

Yearn Vs Forget...

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DN360: Katie Leclerc of "Switched at Birth" (Video)

DN360: Katie Leclerc of "Switched at Birth"
Joel Barish grabbed the opportunity to sit down and have a few laughs with Katie Leclerc of "Switched at Birth". Watch the video on http://deafnation.com/d…/katie-leclerc-of-switched-at-birth/
Katie Leclerc, a star of "Switched at Birth" and a spokesperson for the Purple Communications was in Austin for the DeafNation Expo and Joel Barish grabbed the opportunity to sit down and have a fe...

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Ludwig van Beethoven

220 years ago on this date, German pianist Ludwig van Beethoven debuted at the age 24 in Vienna. He surpassed his pianist father to become a virtuoso and one of the most influential composers of all time. Interestingly, he started going deaf several years later and by his mid-40s could hear almost nothing, yet still composed some of his greatest works. He stopped performing, until 3 years before his death when he conducted the premiere of his masterpiece Ninth Symphony (The Choral, Ode to Joy). He had to be turned around to see the tumultuous applause of the audience because he could hear neither it nor the orchestra. (1795)
MORE about the famous Beethoven and other Good News from this date in history: http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/events060329/

Friday, 27 March 2015

Contributions of Deaf Scientists

‪#‎H3DeafWire‬: Contributions of Deaf Scientists. Play video -  http://ow.ly/KSll2

Deaflympics 2015: Daily Video Reports

Deaflympics Winter Games 2015 in the News!

‪#‎H3Buzzwire‬‪#‎H3SportsDeaf‬ –Deaflympics Winter Games 2015 in the News!

Think Positive!

11 Year Old, Emmet Fisk Interpreted For Injured Patient Who Was Deaf (Not Captioned Video)

After all the sad news lately about not having interpreters in places like hospitals, police stations and court rooms, here's something else! 
Emmet Fisk helped paramedics by interpreting for an injured person who is Deaf!
In case you missed it: here’s the story that aired on Channel 7 last night about 11-year-old Emmet Fisk, who assisted paramedics at a road traffic crash by interpreting for an injured patient who was deaf.

DN360 Video: Kyle Ritter, Deaf Superhero Colourist

DN360 Video: Kyle Ritter shares his experience as a colorist for DC Comics with Joel Barish.

Kyle Ritter shares his experience as a colorist for DC Comics with Joel Barish. Kyle worked with the popular superhero characters such as Batman and Flash. He is currently working in the Flashpoint...

Deaf Brothers CAN Do It All! (Video)

See more short films like this at http://www.projectlisten.com/. Imagine living in a world without sound. That’s the world Joseph, Zach, and Ben Featherstone...

Stop Focusing On Your Child's Failures!

Effects Of Linguisticism & Audism On The Developing Deaf Person (ASL & Voice Video)

Effects of Linguisticism and Audism on the Developing Deaf Person Peter C. Hauser, Ph.D. is the Director of...

Bill Allows Volunteer Interpreters For Deaf In Abuse Allegations

Bill says interpreter must be "trained" in sign language, but doesn't define what "trained" means.

Lesson In The ASL "President" Sign (Video)

Great lesson in ASL & American History with the Sign "President".
Priscilla Biskupiak uploaded a new video.
Interesting history tidbit on how we decided on the sign for "President".

Deaflympics Start In 3 Days

(ENG) Brand clothes for volunteers, referees, athletes and interpreters
All staff of the Winter Deaflympics that will start in Ugra in three days is equipped with brand clothes with logo and design of the Games.
Special sport costumes with Deaflympic branding will be provided to athletes, referees, volunteers and interpreters. The clothes for the organizing committee members will be yellow, referees will wear white costumes, volunteers will be dressed in grey and sign language interpreters will be in black clothes.
Yesterday brand clothes were given to 450 volunteers that will be involved in conducting the competitions. Young people have received a winter costume, mittens and a coldproof baseball cap with Deaflympic branding.
(RUS) В фирменную одежду Игр оденут волонтеров, судей, спортсменов и переводчиков
Весь персонал Сурдлимпийских зимних Игр, которые стартуют уже через три дня в Ханты-Мансийске, обеспечен фирменной экипировочной одеждой.
Специальными спортивными комплектами, содержащими символику Игр, будут обеспечены спортсмены, судьи, волонтеры и переводчики. В яркую желтую экипировку оденут представителей оргкомитета, для судейской коллегии предусмотрена белая форма, серую форму раздадут волонтерам, черную с изображением жестового языка – переводчикам.
Накануне красочную форму получили 450 волонтеров, которые выступят активными помощниками на международных стартах. Ребята получили зимний костюм двойку, варежки и утепленную бейсболку с символикой Игр.

ASL Student Learn How To Sign Interacting With Native Signers

What a treat to have one of my favorite people visit my students today. They hung out with us during nutrition and lunch to just sign freely in ASL. Many ASL students of all levels were brave to hang out with us and sign away for a good two hours. During class period, two ASL classes had a total of 70 questions for them and it was a day of developing interactive skills in a natural setting. (Like Martha's Vineyard) "To learn how to sign without interacting with native signers is like to learn how to swim without water." --Bill Vicars. I could not be even more prouder to today's turnout. It was fun to watch them. Also we had a volunteer interpreter on campus to facilitate communication with the nonsigners, principal and vice principals of the school. I am forever grateful for Ryan Lane, Amanda Richer, and Tyler Rasch (intern interpreter graduating in May!) Plus, most important, my husband Troy Kotsur! More photos to come.

Boy Thrilled To Receive A Post Card From His Favourite Author (Video)

Kelea Junc uploaded a new video.
Zav is soo thrilled because he got a postcard today from a famous author, Helen Lester, who is almost 80 years old! His video said it all!!!

White House Receptionist, Leah Katz-Hernadez Is A West Wing Pioneer & Also Deaf

Anyone wanting to speak to the president must stop by her desk first. Leah Katz-Hernandez, 27, is the new White House receptionist. 
She is also deaf.
“It’s a fantastic opportunity and also to show that deaf people can do anything,” she said through an interpreter, who is provided for her at work.
With a desk just steps away from the Oval Office, Katz-Hernandez is usually the first to greet anyone — from world leaders to White House staff members — who has an appointment with the president or his top-level aides. She also oversees the White House guest book and the Roosevelt Room, the West Wing meeting room, and is responsible for collecting cell phones before meetings with the president.

Anyone wanting to speak to the president must stop by her desk first. Leah Katz-Hernandez, 27, is the new White House receptionist. She...

Saturday, 21 March 2015