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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Struggle Always Leads To Growth

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Create A New World!

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Living With Jazz, My Dear-Aware Dog

I always love my daily walks with my 5 year old border collie Jazz. She is my fitness trainer, she makes me get up and go, no excuses allowed. If you own a dog you have to exercise them, especially a border collie - she would walk all day if she could and then come back for more. Jazz however, has been more than a way to keep the middle aged spread at bay. [ 777 more words. ]
I always love my daily walks with my 5 year old border collie Jazz. She is my fitness trainer, she makes me get up and go, no excuses allowed. If you own a dog you have to exercise them, especially...

Sign Language Becomes An Official Language In Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea's government has officially endorsed sign language as the country's fourth official language, alongside English, Tok Pisin and Motu.

Monday, 25 May 2015


After an Australian company called hearing aids ugly, the Aussie Deaf community comes back with an INGENIOUS counter-campaign! smile emoticon
Wow, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting EdanMaiMarnieAlicefor making this counter campaign happen so quickly. Thank you. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Deaf Doctor Makes Patients Feel Heard

When I was 4 years old, my mother and father received devastating news—I was deaf.

That Deaf Guy: Loud Clothes!

Who loves LOUD clothes? I knew a guy who loved when his interpreters would wear bright colors and prints instead of dark colors. It made him happy, but for many, it would make them dizzy to see such loud colors as a background for the interpreter's signs.
Hello friends,
As a profoundly deaf person the word "loud" takes on a whole knew meaning. There are many loud things in my world. I may not be able to hear them but I can feel them and definetly see them. Oh boy do I see them! smile emoticon Enjoy! -Matt and Kay
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Literature Is My Utopia

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Help Deaf Teen Join Her Mother In Canada

Filipino caregiver Karen Talosig is faced with the choice of giving up her teenage daughter in the Philippines or her dream for permanent residence in Canada.

Once Upon A Sign Series (Video)

ICYMI, below is the trailer for our Once Upon a Sign series!
Order your copy of the ‪#‎ASL‬ reimagined fairy tales here: http://bit.ly/OUASign

That Deaf Guy: CODA Fun

That Cedric! So clever. Happy Wednesday!
Happy Wednesday.
-Matt and Kay
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Doll With 3D Printed Hearing Aids

London 3D Printing toy company MyMakie.com have answered the Toy Like Me campaign call for better diversity in the toy box by producing the UK’s first ever...

Sound & Fury 6 Years Later

Remember Sound and Fury, the documentary? Here is a video about what happened 6 years later. Interesting watch! smile emoticon
sound and fury 6years later with subtitles | Amara

Meet Caroline Solomon

"I know how very important it is to be a role model and to have role models," says Solomon, especially those who've defied the odds. It's how she sees herself and how she wants her students to see her.

Meet Caroline Solomon, an associate professor of biology at Gallaudet University, the renowned school for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Monday, 18 May 2015

DN360: Deanne Bray's Passion for ASL (Video)

DN360: Deanne Bray's Passion for ASL
Joel Barish sits down with Deanne Bray at the Pomona DeafNation Expo. Deanne shares her passion for ASL and her goal for the future community-wise. Also, if you're a fan of Heroes, there's some exciting news coming out! (Captioned)
Watch the video on http://deafnation.com/dn360/deanne-brays-passion-for-asl/
Deanne Bray joins Joel Barish at the Pomona DeafNation Expo. Deanne teaches ASL at a high school and expresses her passion for ASL. She also shares her vision of the future, having a signing commun...

Finding Zoe

At eight months old Zoe was the bright and beautiful picture of a baby any mother would want. So why was she passed in and out of four homes desperately in n...

No Interpreters For 1D Concert In Belfast!

Two deaf sisters have hit out at a Northern Irish concert promoter for refusing to provide a signer for them for the upcoming One Direction concert in Belfast.
Sara and Lisa Kelly, from Newtownabbey, said they are both outraged after Aiken Promotions said it could not "accede to your request".
Sara Kelly and sister Lisa, from Newtownabbey, have been refused a signer for the One Direction concert in Belfast

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Jenee Mobile Deaf-Friendly Mobile Plan (Video)

‪#‎H3DeafWire‬: Jenee mobile launches its Deaf-friendly mobile plan! Play video -  http://ow.ly/MTUvJ

Mark Twain & Helen Keller's Special Friendship

Mark Twain & Helen Keller’s Special Friendship: He Treated Me Not as a Freak, But as a Person Dealing with Great Difficulties. A quite touching story.
Sometimes it can seem as though the more we think we know a historical figure, the less we actually do. Helen Keller? We’ve all seen (or think we’ve seen) some...

Employment Discrimination Towards Deaf In Wales (Video)

#‎H3DeafWire‬: Employment discrimination towards the Deaf in Wales continue. Play video -  http://ow.ly/MTUp2

DN360 HealthFIT Video: "What Is Thyroid Disorder?"

DN360 HealthFIT Video: More people than you think have thyroid disorder, what is it and can we treat it? (captioned)
Thyroid disorders come in many types and affects more people than we think. What are the symptoms and how can we prevent and treat them? (captioned)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Choices Vs Abilities

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Hearing Loss Affects All Generations

The most surprising stat on this infographic is that "Secondhand smoke can double risk of hearing loss for teenagers." Did you know about a link between secondhand smoke and hearing loss?
Visit the post for more.

DN360 Video: Sean Forbes

DN360 Video: Sean Forbes is the face and sound behind Deaf and Loud and we get a chance to go behind the scenes and the man himself. (captioned)
Sean Forbes considers himself a musician who just happens to be Deaf and he strives to be a role model for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children who may dream of a future of performing music on stage. We learn a l...

Monday, 11 May 2015

The History Of The Deaflympics Games Book

Have you ever seen a book that is written about the history of Deaflympic from 1924-2014? We have interviewed this author about his book. This is the only book that is available and that its written by Rafael Pinchas. 
Into the Deaf Spotlight: Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, Author of "The History of the Deaflympics Games" with subtiles is now available on www.ideafnews.com.  ‪#‎deaflympics2015‬  ‪#‎ASL‬  ‪#‎deafauthor‬