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Saturday, 31 October 2015

BSL "Halloween"

Helen Keller "How I Became A Socialist"

The Left Side of Feminism
We hear about her disability when we go to school. We never hear about her ability and her passion for Socialism.

The Enchanting Music Of Sign Language

Artist Christine Sun Kim was born deaf, and she was taught to believe that sound wasn't a part of her life, that it was a hearing person's thing. Through her art, she discovered similarities between American Sign Language and music, and she…

That Deaf Guy: ASL Scary Movie

That Deaf Guy- Matt Daigle
Hello freinds,
Another Halloween-ish cartoon. My wife always regrets asking me about a scary movie I saw. Have fun figuring out what Desmond is signing. -Matt and Kay
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"We are not afflicted just because we cannot see or hear."

Helen Keller: The Official Fan Page
"We are not afflicted just because we cannot see or hear. If we can love, work, play and help others to be happy, no matter how handicapped we may be, we are capable of attaining all precious things."
--Helen Keller in an undated letter to two girls whose mother was deaf-blind 
Learn more about Helen Keller's remarkable achievements at http://www.afb.org/…/helen-kel…/biography-and-chronology/123
Image: Anne Sullivan Macy, Helen Keller and Polly Thomson, circa 1918, sitting on a bench with a large dog
Photo courtesy of the Helen Keller Archives, American Foundation for the Blind

If Deaf Musical Is Possible, There Is Room On Our Stages For Everyone

Everyday Courage...

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A Single Moment Of Misunderstanding...

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10 Timid Ghosts (Math in ASL) Video

Fun math Halloween-related story in ASL as told by Jeni Jackerson.

Keep Calm & Sign On

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Fun Signs: Colour Me ASL

Starting tomorrow, we’re introducing FUN SIGNS: Color Me ‪#‎ASL‬ on our Once Upon a Sign page!
Each week, we'll be posting pages like this for you to print, color, enjoy and learn some American Sign Language!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Deaf & Hard-Of-Hearing People Love Music...

NDCS Survey Finds More People Want To Learn Sign Language Than A Foreign Language

12.7 million people in the UK would like to learn sign language, a new survey by the National Deaf…

That Deaf Guy: Elbow Pads On Flight

That Deaf Guy- Matt Daigle
Hey friends,
As I board the plane for Portland OR for DeafNation with my buddy Brent Geris, can't help but post this cartoon. See you there Portland. Come visit our TDG booth. We have really really great stuff for sale.
And away we go.......-Matt

Why CBC Used Sign Language To Interpret Federal Leader Interviews

CBC presents an election first by adding sign language interpreting to interviews with the federal leaders. But some in the deaf community would rather see closed…

Ryerson University: Ellen Hibbard’s Thesis Explores The Impact Of Online Videos On The Deaf Community.


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The Best Gift You Can Ever Give Someone Is...

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Every Student Can Learn...

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Signs Restaurant, Toronto "Who Done It" Halloween Night (Video)

The Life & Death Of Martha's Vineyard Sign Language

The island was once home to a thriving deaf community and a now-extinct system of signing used by deaf and hearing people alike.

2015 Federal Election Explained In ASL (Video)

This video reviews the steps at your polling place when you go to vote in the 2015 federal election.

Don't Ever Give Up!

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Learn Sign Language...

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"Spring Awakening" Demonstrated The Artistic Power Of Being Inclusive

The success of Deaf West Theatre’s Broadway revival of the 2006 rock musical, performed in American Sign Language and English, proves how culture thrives by…

Thursday, 8 October 2015

"Deaf" BSL

Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger.

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ASLized Playing Cards Of Deaf Artists (Video)

Deaf Got Tartan

A new British Sign Language Clan tartan has been designed through a Heriot-Watt partnership.

Sophie Stone, 1st Deaf Actress On Doctor Who (Video)

Doctor Who updated a new video: Doctor Who Extra: Cass & Lunn.
Sophie Stone, the first deaf actress to appear in Doctor Who, talks about her experience on set and her character's relationship with Lunn, her interpreter


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Deaf Children Signing, 'With Sign Language Rights, We Can!' (Video)

World Federation of the Deaf - Official updated a new video.
Deaf Children signing, 'With Sign Language Rights, We Can!'
Give them their linguistic rights at https://donate.wfdeaf.org/