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Saturday, 5 December 2015

"This V-Log is for my fans who can hear." (Video)

Nostril_Curl uploaded a new video.
not all but most… (before you say something... watch the entire video)
First part of Transcript: (credit to Ebony Gooden, Hannah Kirchhofer, Yair Davidowitz, many thanks!)
"This V-Log is for my fans who can hear. I get many messages about adding subtitles to my each video. My answer is no. I will ask subtitle when I can or when I chose. My answer is no. Why?
Do I have access to your world? No.
So why should I give you access to mine? 
For an example.
Movie Theatre. Can I go there anytime I like? No. Why? Because there's no subtitles.
Flight. When I fly on a plane. Do it have subtitle on tv? No.
McDonald. When I go to order something, do it have touch screen? No. Not all.
I have communication barrier every single day. Let me explain what happened today.
I went to dps to renew my license. Two different women came out to talk with the people waiting. Every time they come out, I try to inform them that I'm deaf and to please write. But no. Both times, they choose to not talk with me. But luckily, I still have my intelligent so I've tried to show them my tickets but the first woman still wasn't very clear. With the second woman, she checked out my ticket but I was still behind. I was still confused and lost. I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know what "that" was for.
Then I saw my number was skipped. I went up to the front desk and informed them. They informed me that the system was down for letter A. My ticket is A! Wow... how long would they really leave me waiting for hours without any knowledge about the system? I could of gone and eat breakfast. They could of communicated with me but no. They didn't want to write. It only take 20 to 45 seconds.
So anyway. Since the system was down... I went to get another ticket for um whatever reason so that I can talk with the representation. 
My ticket got called so I went to window 13 which is also an information desk. There was a long line behind me that wanted to do forms and such. So they gave me a form to fill out. When they saw that I was filling out the informations so they grabbed an opportunity to talk with the representation. 
Um... is it their turn? Or is it my turn? It's mine!
I already completed out my form quickly but they were still talking during my turn. Is that fair? I had to speak up. I told them that I was here first. I grabbed my ticket and showed them mine. I asked where theirs were. It was my turn. Not theirs. I told the representation that it was my turn and to not talk with other people during my turn. They thought I was rude.
Really? I wanted to get the mirror so that they can look at themselves."
Second part:
""Another example is at the bank. I needed to get a new card so I went to talk with a representation. There was a man behind me and then another woman. I gestured it clearly.
(Hold out a imaginary card and do hand slashing crossing neck while shaking head slowly while mouthing, "Don't work" Shrug and slash again)
I thought it was clear and simple way of saying that my card wasn't working. That I should quickly be brought to a representation to get a new card. But no. The woman wanted to feed it to the system to make sure they had informations about what was going on before they would sit me down with anyone. 
What happened next... was the man behind me talked over my shoulder about his issue. He was quickly sat down with a representation without his informations being fed to the system. Not one information.
Why me? I'll tell you why.
It's because I'm deaf.
When the woman finished feeding my informations to the system. I asked her why were the man already talking with the representation. She got really defensive and tried to claim that he was in training and needed to get new card. 
No. It's because I'm deaf but I walked away. 
I went to the teller to withdraw money. There was already two people in front of me but I gave them plenty of space. Then came another man who stood too close to me. I could feel him breathing down my neck. I felt really uncomfortable so I tried to give him hint by slightly moving away. But he kept moving several time with me no matter how much I've tried to give him hints!
I can understand hearing people tend to stand close and speak comfortably but do you understand that deaf people need a lot of space to sign big? So I felt as if he was in my personal space. Please respect me and move back."
Last part: "I feel... in 2015, we are still experiencing discrimination.
We're still minority and belittled. We do not have full access to talk with your world. 
Let me ask you a question.
Can our bone hear?
Can our organ talk?
Color people. Do they have black bones?
Asian people. Is their blood yellow?
That that that that.
I understand hearing is more powerful than visual for hearing people. But at least respect us.
Not only that. Some people in new phase want to learn how to sign... only to learn bad words and bad languages. They then leave with it. Or they show some interest only to drop it. 
So every time people ask me to teach them... I always say no. They usually feel insulted. No, it's not that. It's so that I don't feel insulted when they drop it. If they're really serious about it, they can take classes. They would look up sites. They can look up on youTubes than just asking deaf people in hope that it's easier. Just... no.
Yes, I'm just boiling right now. I feel like this v-log is really important to expose and increase their knowledge about deaf people. 
So now I want to reach out to everyone to say this. Enough is enough. This is 2015. Discrimination, belittling and so on need to be finished. 
Have a good night!"

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