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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Signs Restaurant Breaks Barriers & Creates Support With An All Deaf Staff

We chat with this forward-thinking entrepreneur about opening up Canada's first restaurant with a deaf staff.

Sign Language Is...

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H3DeafWire: 1st Deaf Librarian In Quebec Interviewed (Video)

H3 Network Media Alliance
‪#‎H3DeafWire‬: First Deaf Librarian in Quebec Interviewed. Play video - http://ow.ly/XG9Iy

What Is Deaf Gain? (Video)

Deaf That added a new video What is Deaf Gain!?
What is Deaf Gain!? We explain it by using closed captioning as an example. Check out our video! ‪#‎deafthat‬  ‪#‎closedcaptions‬ ‪#‎closedcaptioned‬  ‪#‎closedcaptioning‬ ‪#‎deaf‬‪#‎hardofhearing‬ ‪#‎deafinc‬

I Identify My Ethnicity As "Deaf"

Sean Forbes
I didn't like all the answers they provided for me. Who am I? What is my identity? I hate putting a label on anything or anyone and I was required to here. A smile appeared on my face..... NOW THIS is what I identify myself as. 

Build Your Ship!

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Deaf Man Travels The World (Video)

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This deaf man quit his startup career to travel the world.

Cherish Them...

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Deaf Children Benefit Learning Sign Language, Says Research

Recent research into the language acquisition of deaf children has challenged some long-held beliefs by some medical personnel, educators, and professionals pro

False Sign Language Interpreter (No Captioning -- Video)

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We're Much More Than Just Being Deaf...

Seek the World
"A lot of people look at a deaf person as someone who can't do everything that an able-bodied person could. They don't realize that we're beyond our disability. We're much more than just being deaf. What we do differently from general able-bodied people is that we have a duty to educate people about our community, culture and language."