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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Seek The World Visits Australia's Zoo Video

Seek the World added a new video Australia: Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter” Owns Australia Zoo!
Subtitled: Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter” Owns Australia Zoo! 
Steve and Terri Irwin’s vision has always been to make Australia Zoo the biggest and best wildlife conservation facility in the entire world! 
With over 1,000 native and exotic species that can’t wait to get up close and personal to you! It’s true! I had some spectacular animal enclosures! 
Australia Zoo is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Australia honored him by naming the highway after his name - "Steve Irwin Way," it was perfect way honor him by driving Thrifty Australia's suv to get there wink emoticon
My grandfather, father, and I were exploring through their gorgeous wildlife; from Australia’s cuddly koalas, waddling wombats, slithering snakes and petting cute kangaroos. It was full of exciting wildlife to see for us. 
It was my grandpa and dad's first time experience petting kangaroos, how awesome was that?!?!
What made it epic is that we witnessed a crocodile launch its strike from the water’s edge! We didn’t know that you can pay some animal gets up close and personal like cheetahs, ripper rhinos, asian elephants, many more. 
I shared some clips of their birds and crocs LIVE in their world-famous Crocoseum where Steve was once performed at. 
Be sure to share this amazing video with your loved ones, friends, and someone who you know would love to learn more about Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo!

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