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Thursday, 17 March 2016

#WhyISign "Deaf Parent" Video

Jenn Pfau
15 March at 13:50OS X
Hi, my parents are not deaf. My parents were the victims of the system under the medical field advising my parents what was best for me: Speech and Listening. My parents thought it was best for me to learn to speak and listen; however, I struggled knowing something was missing. Until my son was born deaf, I knew what it was best for him: Access to language, not to deprive him with his birth right to ASL, ensuring my son’s not deprived with full access to language.” Jennifer Pfau
Note: As a deaf parent with the experiences knowing the life of growing up in spoken language environment, it was definitely not a “language rich environment” as I had struggled for years, not just being deprived from the language, but the opportunity to engage in full conversation with my family, peers, and classmates. It is my hope the parents truly consider listening to deaf adults who had the experiences growing up pretending they “get” everything but inside, the link is missing. The connection I finally found via ASL and I was able to grow with love and acceptance of just being who I am.

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