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Monday, 14 March 2016

#WhyISign "Seek The World" Video

Seek the World added a new video Why I Sign.
As you can see, I’ve been traveling the world and seizing every opportunity to meet Deaf local all over the world. What I’ve learned the most out of this travel is SIGN LANGUAGE! Every country, every local has their own language that is unlike our sign language in America. 
Let me give you some examples:
South Korea - Thank you
India - Bathroom/Restroom
International Sign - Fast
International Sign - Impossible
Australia Sign Language - Where V.S What 
Each sign has its own unique meanings. What makes it beautiful is enhancing our creative brain that possibly creates some new amazing signs in the future. I do notice my sign is getting better and better after learning more new sign languages. It gives me a better understanding of what I really can do with my sign language. I choose to use. I choose to express. I choose what I want to say with my confidence 100%. 
What makes it so amazing is that all sign languages are different all over the world, yet there is always connection in it. It doesn’t matter if your sign language and my sign language are different, we will always find a way to communicate because it is the SIGN LANGUAGE we use to communicate. Now that’s the connection. 
I love the fact we all are confident with our own sign language. I love the fact that we have long way to go with our own sign language because there are always new things about sign language that we don’t know! That’s what makes it so much fun and exciting! 
I am so grateful that I’ll always learn new things about sign language for the rest of my life.

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