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Monday, 14 March 2016

#WhyISign "Vicki, CODA" Video

Encounter - American Sign Language Small Group added a new video.
Hello, my name is Vicki. And this is my sign name (showing my sign name). I grew up as a CODA. Meaning, I am a child of deaf parents. I cherish my mom and think it's important to be able to communicate with her. That is ‪#‎whyisign‬.
Children need to know how to communicate with their parents. It doesn't matter if they're hearing with deaf parents or Deaf kids with hearing parents. It's important that the hearing parents learn how to sign.
I just did a video of my 5 year old daughter who is hearing and has hearing parents. We feel it's important that she is able to communicate with her grandma. I would like to thank Stacy Abrams for creating #whyIsign . This will spread awareness so that people are aware this is possible. This is #whyIsign. Thank you.
*Please forgive me for misspelling Stacy's last name. I added an H. If only I could blame autocorrect. #whyIsign

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