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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Balinese Alphabet Sign Language (Video)

Seek the World added a new video The Alphabet of American Sign Language VS Balinese Sign Language.
The Alphabet of American Sign Language VS Balinese Sign Language 
It is one of Indonesian Sign Language (ISL) or Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (BISINDO).
Fact: Indonesian Sign Language is not a national sign language. Each region/city has their own sign language such as Jakarta Sign Language, Yogyakarta Sign Language, etc. - Surya Sahetapy
Hope you learned something new today! Enjoy learning the difference between ASL and Indonesian Sign Language! 
Happy learning!
Share with your loved ones if you think this is awesome for them to learn!
Thanks for sharing your sign language with us, Deaf Bali Guider - Wahyu Bali Deaf.

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