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Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Brain Doesn't Discriminate Between Sound Or Hands

Gallaudet University ASL & Deaf Studies added a new video: The Brain Does Not Discriminate.
The Department of ASL and Deaf Studies would like to add this contribution to the ongoing dialogue about language rights for deaf and hard of hearing children. 
[TRANSCRIPT and video description]
00:00:00,000 -- 00:00:01,680
Text: The Brain Does Not Discriminate. Image: Screen is completely black.
00:00:01,680 -- 00:00:03,380
Image: A close-up ground shot of a toddler's dark pink/pink Adidas sneakers walking away from the camera on a smooth cement floor.
00:00:03,380 -- 00:00:05,940
Text: The human brain
00:00:05,940 -- 00:00:07,240
Image: A young toddler with curly hair, white top, jeans and the same sneakers from earlier, is sitting on a red chair holding a book about dinosaurs. She is looking off-camera and signing BEAK.
00:00:07,240 -- 00:00:11,140
Text: does not discriminate. Image: The young toddler is laughing, signing BEAK VERY-HIGH (as in the dinosaur being very high and big)
00:00:11,140 -- 00:00:14,320
Text (continues): does not discriminate.
00:00:14,320 -- 00:00:15,440
Image: A person's waist down is seen walking by, blocking our view of the toddler.
00:00:15,440 -- 00:00:20,020
Text: between the hands and the tongue. Image: A close up of the same toddler signing about the dinosaurs, using adjectives to describe the size and shape of the dinosaurs.
00:00:20,020 -- 00:00:24,940
Image: a visual imagery of the brain's synapses making electric shooting motions.
00:00:24,940 -- 00:00:28,480
Text: People discriminate, but not our biological human brain. Text, in smaller font: Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto. Image: Same toddler has her back to the camera, on the right side of the screen, walking away from the camera.
00:00:28,480 -- 00:00:30,440
Image: The toddler looks back towards the camera and fades out slowly while a new text is superimposed...
00:00:30,440 -- 00:00:37,240
Text: We strongly believe all parents of deaf children should be made aware of the cognitive, social and emotional benefits of early exposure to sign language.
00:00:37,240 -- 00:00:41,980
Image: Fades out to completely white screen. Gallaudet logo appears from left, to center of screen, bounces gently. Text: GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY.
00:00:41,980 -- 00:00:44,360
Image: Below the logo, the following text appears. Text: DEPARTMENT OF AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE AND DEAF STUDIES. Image: The logo sparkles from left to right.
Video ends.
To cite: Gallaudet ASL & Deaf Studies. (2016, April 18). The brain does not discriminate. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/xaNuAgnDEgQ
Special thanks: MJ Kielbus & Zilvinas Paludnevicius for filming and editing, Mila Holder and the volunteers who participated in the video.

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