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Friday, 13 May 2016

"The Day Dakota Met Matthew" Mini Video


It's FINALLY HERE! Check out a short film Alek Lev & I produced, starring the talented Amber Zion & Alek Friedman Lev. Directed & Written by Alek Lev. You're gonna love this. It's funny. 
Also, if you want this to continue, you gotta share this as many times and as far as you can! That's all you gotta do, man, and you know it's worth it. 
THE DAY DAKOTA MET MATTHEW tells the story of a brilliant Deaf woman and the one ASL interpreter who can keep up with her. It was love at first sign. But as the relationship grows, a new dynamic builds; she can’t hear, and he doesn’t listen.
These are just a few scenes from a full production, coming — we hope — soon.
Amber Zion
Alek Lev
Kay Daigle
Trevor Murphy
Reedy Gibbs
Josh Breslow
Karla Gutierrez
Morgan Pepper
Ryan Letts
Carly Hustedt
Written, Edited, and Directed by Alek Lev
Produced by Jules Dameron and Alek Lev
Cinematography by Timmy Vatterott
Original music by Justin Asher

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