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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Nyle DiMarco on "The Preachers" Video

Nyle DiMarco added a new video.
Thank you The Preachers for having me! 
We discussed about my journey on Dancing with the Stars, my Nyle DiMarco Foundation, and how I navigate through everything in my newfound career. 
Nyle DiMarco: well it's my pleasure thank you for
having me i have to say it's quite exciting to be here
Preachers: yours is by far one of the most amazing
stories from Dancing with the Stars. yeah I know winning had to be an amazing
feeling why was that important for you
ND: well I have to say I think that being on
the show in itself was very important to me just because the main reason is as I
wanted to prove to the world that deaf people can dance. it doesn't matter if you can hear or not
it's not necessary so with Dancing with the Stars it's such a huge platform for me. we're talking 15 2 million 18 million
people that are watching it so i definitely would have to tap on that
platform and help my my foundation in my foundation the goal is to change deaf
people's lives so I wanted to take advantage of that 
Preachers: your story is just so inspiring because you just proved that you can
overcome a huge challenge in your life
ND: definitely and I i think the funny thing
is is when dancing with the stars asked me to be on the show I never danced
growing up and I met with them and told them I can't dance And they're like can you pull
it off and I said it might make great TV. and i said i am an athlete but i'm not
sure that would be applicable but it happened so 
Preachers: it's a good thing that you
recently started the Nyle DiMarco foundation. can you tell us about your work 
ND well the
main reason I established the NDF is because they're 70 million people worldwide and only two percent of them have access to education
in sign language so we're talking about millions of deaf
people that don't receive education in sign language and that's language
deprivation so and also on top of that seventy-five percent of hearing parents
don't sign to their deaf children so it's I don't blame the parents at all
i think that they just need resources and that's why I want to take advantage
of my celebrity status to establish my foundation and provide resources for
those in need so hopefully I change their lives yeah
Preachers: let me ask you this you're not just a dancer you're also a
supermodel and for those of us who are separate and
it's very difficult
how do you how do you navigate being
this this icon in fashion as well as all the other things that you do
well I have to say it's definitely not
easy the fashion world to cutthroat industry
and you know and i have to say that you know sometimes you can be ignored but i
think it's how I approach it and being assertive and i am very thankful for
technology when I don't need people I can use my phone to communicate we can text back and forth so it's something that I actually give them that
opportunity i don't always make people
accommodate me but I tried to
accommodate that so I think that's important

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