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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Deaf Life Celebrating 250th Issue

Another milestone: DEAF LIFE publishes its 250th issue
DEAF LIFE is celebrating another milestone—its 250th issue (October 2016). This contains full-color thumbnails of every DEAF LIFE cover, starting with July 1988 up through September 2016.
The 250th issue also includes a retrospective, recounting how NTID/RIT alumnus Matthew S. Moore came to believe in the power of mass media to change public attitudes towards Deaf people, and founded DEAF LIFE as a monthly magazine, to give the Deaf Community visibility, and to provide enlightenment to hearing readers, those familiar and unfamiliar with Deaf issues.
From the start, DEAF LIFE has emphasized quality of content and visual appeal
DEAF LIFE has published original stories and authorized reprints on a variety of Deaf–related topics: newsmakers, achievers, controversies, scientific research into sign language and cognition, education, schools for the deaf, NTID, Gallaudet University, CSUN, genetics, cochlear implants, political issues, performing arts, Deaf visual artists, history, biography, sports, deaf pets, Deaf people in nontraditional fields, legal and court issues, telecommunications, new books.
Moore says, “We’ve reached another milestone. Our hope is to reach 350, and continue beyond that, becoming the longest-lived modern independent publication of the Deaf community.”
For order, go to http://www.deaflife.com

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